Q. What is the cost for rental?

A. Rates will vary depending on quantity and type of unit rented.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover & Debit cards.

Q. How early should I make my reservations?

A. As early as possible. Availability can be scarce at times

Q. Do we need to be there for delivery?

A. Not necessary, if we make prior arrangements with you.

Q. What should I consider when placing the restroom or portable toilet on my property?

A. Your septic field. We have to be able to drive to the location where you are placing the unit. We will need access to around 20 feet of where you would like the toilet placed. Weather conditions may make it difficult to drive on your lawn.

Q. How many portable toilets will I need?

A. If you are having a small party we suggest 75 people per unit. Larger events have special needs and can be discussed with our event planner.

Q. Where is my septic tank located?

A. You can call your county Health department for tank location.

Q. When do I pay you?

A. Short term rentals are paid prior to delivery. Restroom trailers are paid 30 days prior to delivery or the event.